Greek Breakfast 2

Philosophy / introducing you to the local gastronomy

Dear guests, we have great news!

We serve our Awarded traditional Greek breakfast every morning next to the swimming pool with view to the sea from 08:30 to 10:00 o’clock.
Scorpios Hotel & Suites is the 1st certified and the only Awarded Hotel from the Tourism Authority to serve Greek breakfast at Samos Island. In fact we are 1 of the only 100 hotels certified all over Greece!

Our traditional Samian recipes have been handed to us by our grandmother and are prepared daily with locally produced ingredients, which we obtain from local producers. Only our butter is not from Samos, but we ship it from nearby island Lesvos.

Every day we serve different flavors so our guests can taste as much as possible from the local gastronomy and the fresh locally produced fruits and vegetable of the season.

Fresh orange juice, hot or cold Greek tea and local herb beverage, Greek coffee (or filter coffee), home made marmelades from our garden’s fruits, honey or “spoon sweets”, rise-milk pudding, “Armogalo”, warm bread, local meat “Paspala”, Greek pancakes with cheese or honey, fresh local eggs, cheese, Greek yogurt with fruits or honey, pumpkin pie, chickpeas balls, local omelet “Kagianas” , Samian variety of tomatoes, Halva sweet of Grandma Evdokia, baklava, milk-pie, lukumades, “fanouropita” and many more. For our recipes we use only extra virgin olive oil of Samos.

Grandma Evdokia’s Halva secret recipe

This recipe if from our grandmother Evdokia born in 1881 at Samos island.

Ingredients:¾ tea cup extra virgin Samian olive oil2 + ½ tea cups semolina1 tea cup white roasted almonds or nuts1 tea cup Corinthian black raisins3 soup’s spoons of orange zest

For the syrup:2 tea cups sugar4 tea cups water2 tea cups fresh organic orange juice1 cinnamon stick ξύλο

Instructions:Roast the semolina in a deep and large cooking po. Make sure the fire is low and stir continuously until semolina gets a gold color.In a different pot we prepare the syrup, by boiling water, sugar and cinnamon for 7 minutes, pour in the syrup the orange juice and let boil for 2 more minutes. Get the syrup of the fire, insert the orange zest and while it’s still hot pour it in the roasted semolina pot while continuously stirring it slowly until the semolina (now Halva) dense.Serve it in small cups/forms and let it cool down. Serve it to your loved ones with cinnamon.

Secrets ****

While roasting semolina, stir patiently in low fire. After you pour in the syrup don’t let it dense too much, bring it off fire while it is still like a not so thick cream. Halva has a tendency to absorb liquids and become denser until it cools down.

Η συνταγή αυτή είναι από τη γιαγιά μου Ευδοκία που γεννήθηκε στη Σάμο το 1881.

Best of luck. Send us an email if you have any questions.